Meet the Puklavec family

The Puklavec family has been linked with the winemaking and the Ormož wine cellar for several generations. Martin Puklavec assumed the position of a secretary of the then winery cooperative in Ormož in 1934 and afterwards became its manager. Today, the wine cellar and the vineyards are managed by his son Vladimir Puklavec together with his daughters, Tatjana and Kristina.


Today, the family-run wine cellar combines the tradition and passion for wine with the contemporary approaches of the 21st century. Mitja Herga, the head oenologist of the wine cellar, together with the Puklavec family has aimed at creating accessible, fruity and fresh wines of the highest quality in which all can enjoy.

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Puklavec Family Wines are fresh, fruity and elegant. You can find them under different brand names for different markets. Wines puklavec & friends, Estate Selection and Seven Numbers are available on the international market. On the Slovenian market, popular brands Jeruzalem Ormož and Ljutomerčan are offered as well as the Estate Selection and Seven Numbers for  hospitality businesses. At the same time, we keep the biggest archive of wines, where we keep more than 250 thousand bottles, including only the best vintages.

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In our wine cellar, we are first and foremost specialists in white wines. The vines grow on 1,100 acres, of which is 590 acres are privately owned by the Puklavec family. The vineyards are spread across a number of the surrounding hills, at an altitude of 250 to 350 metres. The average yield is 2kg of grapes per vine.

Nowadays, many winegrowers use machines instead of the traditional methods of grape harvesting. We have decided to maintain the art of hand picked grapes, which we are proud of. This is a procedure that is very important, as it is part of the regional heritage, as well as essential for the quality of our wines.

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We have more than 10 varieties of grapes, including popular varieties of Sauvignon, Pinot gris, Rhine Riesling, Traminer, Chardonnay, and the pride of this region – Šipon (Furmint). All our varieties are used to produce wonderful fresh and elegant wines and sparkling wines.

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