Vineyards of Jeruzalem

The idyllic Jeruzalem hills hide many stories and legends. This is why they are the perfect choice to run away from your daily routine. Go for a hike from vineyard to vineyard or merely choose your favourite spot and enjoy the serenity of nature, the unforgettable views and the stories of the Jeruzalem hills. You are always welcome in our vineyards!

We can organize a guided tour of our vineyards upon prior arrangement. Contact us:


One of the most beautiful vineyards in our vicinity is called the Ela Hill. It is known for its breathtaking view of the surrounding hills and even a love story. The locals say that the vineyard was named after a girl named Ela who was meeting in the vineyards her forbidden love, a local winegrower. Every now and then she was spotted in the vineyard awaiting her love.

The Ela vineyard is also something special because of its position – it enjoys most of the sunny hours, has the most peaceful surroundings, and a nice breeze cools the air. You can enjoy the views in peace for hours and hours. The perfect place for the soul – it will fill you with peace and energy.


“Gomila” is a unique location in our ancient wine region, its name means a mountainous place: Holm, Hum, Homula, Gomila. The position, soil and climate create the perfect conditions for the production of exceptional wines even today.

18 acres of vineyard are the place for manual harvesting the best grapes for a unique line of wines, which boasts of prestigious awards from many international competitions.

Hint: an interesting memory of the past is a plague column from the 18th century, which can be found in the midst of the hills in the hamlet of Bajzek.


Klumpa is a 325m high hill, which can be reached across the vineyards through the hamlet of Mali Kog. Here stands a water tower with a lookout platform, which offers the most beautiful views of the wide hills with the fruit bearing vineyards and even further.

Hint: take a bottle of sparkling wine and glasses with you and enjoy the unforgettable view.  


For exceptional wines it is necessary to start from the very beginning – with the vine. Puklavec Family Wines is one of the few wine cellars with its own vine nursery. We believe that it is necessary to start at the very beginning to achieve superior standards. We work closely with the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia and 170,000 new vines are grown each year in the vine nursery. The goal is to create the best vines for each terroir to allow the production of the best wines. Certain wines reach such a high level of quality that they are classified in the archive.

The vine nursery is not open to the public, guided tours are only possible by prior arrangement.