Harvest and local events

In the Prlekija Region, people are always happy, there is always something going on. However, it is especially vibrant in autumn. Then, you can join us at the harvest, which is the ultimate experience for everyone. This is followed by the most important holiday in these places – St. Martin’s Day, when must finally turns into wine!

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When: November 2017

Where: Ormož

Grapevines have played an important role here for centuries. Therefore, the celebration of St. Martin, when the must turns into wine, is one of the most important holidays in these areas. Our region becomes lively during these days and the winegrowers look forward to full wine cellars and yields for which they strived for throughout the year. This is when happy songs are heard across the hills and young wines are being tasted in the wine cellars.

St. Martin’s Day celebration has thus, over the years, grown into the most important tourist event in the Ormož municipality. Stay tunned for this year date of the celebration.

More information and programme: martinovanje.si