Discover Jeruzalem

Legend has it, that crusaders on their way to the holy land, stopped on one of these beautiful hills to rest. Here they were met by hospitable locals, that offered them good wine, and that is when they decided never to leave this place. They claimed the region as their own and named it Jeruzalem. And to this day it remains one of the most striking places with one of the most spectacular views over the surrounding vineyards.

Today, Jeruzalem is an idyllic village, which is built around the church Of our Lady of Sorrows (1652). The church was named after the painting of the Mother of Sorrows, for which it was claimed, that it has been brought here by the crusaders, directly from the Holy land (Jerusalem, Palestine) in the 13th century. Next to the church you can find the Jeruzalem mansion, which has been converted into a boutique hotel with a rich botanical garden.

Jeruzalem is the highest peak in the area, at an altitude of 341 m. On clear days the view extends as far as the Lake Balaton.


Winemaking has been around this north-eastern part of Slovenia long before the Romans arrived. The wine-growing country of the Ljutomer-Ormož Hills has always offered ideal conditions for the production of white wines. Our vineyards have the best conditions, with abundance of sunshine, cool nights and mineral-rich soil of the Pannonian Sea. The best vineyards in the region are located on the hills that surround the village of Jerusalem – the jewel of the region. This is where some of the best wines are born.

Enjoy a unique panoramic view of the vineyard terraces, tall poplar trees, church towers and scattered vineyard cottages and discover why the Jerusalem Hills are considered as one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world.


Are you ready for an authentic eno-gastronomic experience? Then you should visit the Ljutomer - Ormož region and discover our wine routes! Enjoy the 40 km long Ormož wine road or Jeruzalem wine road with unforgettable views. Do not forget to stop in our wine cellar in Ormož or in the Malek vineyard cottage near Jeruzalem. A rich offer of wines and cuisine can be found in other nearby cottages, wineries, taverns and farms.

For more information, visit the tourism office TIC Ormož.


Discover the beauty of the region - on foot, by bicycle or even by horse and carriage. You will have a great view of the picturesque landscape, when you pass Kog, Miklavž and many other local towns, where remnants of times past can still be found. You will see the old wooden wine cellars and cottages with thatched roofs. The hospitable local craftsman will also show you their crafts, such as pottery, cooperage and how to make bricks, folk instruments, toys and paper ornaments.

Numerous hiking and cycling trails will lead you through Ormož, along the Drava river and through the vineyards on the Jeruzalem hills. The Kog theme trail was also adapted for the disabled. For more information, please visit the TIC Ormož.


Šipon (Furmint) is a local variety and the pride of Jeruzalem and the Prlekija region. It stands out with an exceptional character, distinctive freshness and rich flavor.

Legend has it that the name Šipon originates from the Napoleonic era. When Napoleon’s army marched through these parts, the locals offered them some wine. After the soldiers tasted it, they enthusiastically exclaimed: "C'est bon you!" (That's good!). Locals didn’t understand what that meant and thought they were shouting “Šipon”.

Tip: Have a taste of Šipon in our wine cellar Jeruzalem or in the Malek vineyard cottage.


The wind rattle is the guardian of the vineyards and chases away hungry birds at a time when the grapes ripen. The traditional wind rattle of the Prlekija region has four rotary wings. Each part is made from a different kind of wood. It is attributed with special powers of protection, not only from pests. The wind rattle usually gets erected on Saint Lawrence day (August 10th) or on August 15th.

Stop in Hermanci at the top of the hill Strmec and have a look at the world’s biggest wind rattle.